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Mobdro Download - Android, Firestick, PC, Kodi, Roku, & More

What is Mobdro?

It’s an app for watching Live Channels Online for free. It allows you to stream various genre of Channels from anywhere to your device within seconds. You can use it on different platforms like for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Firestick & Fire TV, Smart TVs, Kodi, Roku and more devices. 

The media library of the App is updated daily.

Mobdro channels list cover almost every genre, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Gaming, Animals, Tech, Podcasts, Live and a lot more. The channels are available in various languages and more than from 30 countries as well. You can even stream TV Shows and Movies in various quality. (360p, 480p,720p,1080p).


  • User Interface

    The User Interface of this app is extremely well.

  • Catalogue

    You can find a large collection of Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, news, sports and more.

  • Channels

    Mobdro channels list comprises a tremendous collection of channels for every type of genres.

  • Offline Mode

    It also covers a feature called offline mode where you can watch your shows without an internet connection.

  • Inbuilt Updater

    It has an inbuilt updater which keeps the app updated always.

UI Mode

You can view the application in three different views i.e. Automatic, Phone mode, TV mode.


Watch History is saved by default. You can also delete history and even disable it.


Mobdro Checks for Update automatically. If available, you can download it without leaving the app.

Hardware Decoding

Enable/Disable Hardware Decoding for Maximum performance with your device.


You can sort the Catalogue with a language that you are comfortable with.














Mobdro Download

Download Mobdro and all your faviourite channels in a single app. You will fall in love with Mobdro.  Every day will you come across new content and more channels, which you can make day enjoyable.


Mobdro for Android (Smartphone & Android Box)


Android is the most popular Operating System right now. The number of Customisation that you can do on a android device is one of the reason for it popularity.

Mobdro is developed for Android first because a lot of people use Android everyday.
From Smartphones to Smart TVs to – Android is everywhere.

You can download Mobdro Apk and Install it on various Devices which run on Android.
You can install the same Apk on Smartphone, Smart TV, Fire Stick/TV/Cube and more.

But wait, Mobdro is not available on  Google Play Store due to some reasons. However, you can download it from the following URL.

Mobdro for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

mobdro for iphone and ipad

iOS is one of the famous Mobile Operating systems after Android, which has been developed by Apple. We all know, Apple is known for putting restrictions on its devices.

Some people install apps on iOS by Jailbreaking the device. But, very few people do it, which is not appropriate. Therefore Mobdro was not developed for iOS.

However, we have planned to provide you Mobdro for iOS alternatives through which you can enjoy movies and shows on your iPhone.

You can check the status of it from the URL below.

Mobdro for Firestick/TV

mobdro for fire tv

Mobdro for firestick:  We all know firestick is a fantastic Amazon device which is similar to Google Chromecast.

Streaming entertainment piece of stuff like live tv channels, movies, tv shows in one place is the best one can think of it.

Mobdro for firestick provides several contents online where users can enjoy and get relaxed in their meantime.

Moreover, it is an  IPTV Service provider which gives access to users to stream free of cost. 

Addition to this, the user interface is well managed by horizontal and vertical movement of the screen for a better experience.

Mobdro for Chromecast

mobdro for chromecast

Chromecast  is a media streaming device from Google through which you can cast your Smartphone’s screen or media to your TV.

However, unlike Amazon’s Fire devices and other Android TV Box, you can’t install it on the device itself.

We are working on a solution, please check the page from the button below.

Mobdro for Windows and Mac


mobdro for iphone and ipad Mobdro for mac can be an excellent source for mac users who want to enjoy entertainment videos like shows and movies from their Mac device.

As we know that Mobdro is purposely for Android device and Google Play Store Team, have not yet approved on the store. So, you can not use mobdro on mac directly. 

This is a similar case like Mobdro for PC. The only difference is PC for Windows users and Mac for Apple users.

To enjoy mobdro on mac, you need to use emulators which are meant for running apk files. There are various emulators available on Google like Bluestacks, Nox Player, and more.

Moreover, you can fill the queue with your downloaded streams and watch it later i.e., in Offline Mode.



Enjoying the TV shows and movies on PC Windows is an outstanding experience for Windows users.

Many users love to spend their valuable time on PC rather than on Android, and this can be an excellent source for them to enjoy the entertainment stuff.

And using Mobdro on PC has several advantages like enjoying on a big screen, no battery trouble, easy navigation and a lot more.

Mobdro for Windows will be an apt choice by users for having a long list of daily entertainment dose.

To have Mobdro on PC, users need to download emulator as I have mentioned earlier on mobdro for mac.

You can use emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox player which are top emulators in the market.

Mobdro for SmartTV

Mobdro for Smart TV:  The days are gone when people used to watch contents on Black/White TV.

Today is the modern time with advanced technology where TV companies have come up with the concept of Smart TV, where you can watch lots of content online and offline.

Here you can watch tv shows, movies, live channels on a big screen and enjoy every moment with real experience in the UHD screen.

The features of smart tv help you to stream lots of content which is a great part. 

So, for such users, you have mobdro for smart tv through which you can stream lots of entertainment stuff. Now, you can watch daily shows, movies with ease without any hurry or trouble.

There are many family shows which you can watch happily with your family too. 

Follow the installation guide through the button below and enjoy your time with family members.

Mobdro for KODI


Mobdro for Kodi  is another prime source for streaming your favorite entertainment  Kodi is a remarkable media player also it is a free media player through which you can stream the content.

Kodi has got an enormous number of features, well- designed interface, easy navigation, user-friendly, which makes it unique and stylish from others. 

You will never feel bored with this app as it has lots of entertainment stuff like movies, tv shows, songs, live tv channels, and more genres available.

All thanks to developers who have worked hard and built such a needy app for users.

For using Mobdro on Kodi, we will be integrating  Mobdro with Kodi with various  Addons . We will be using two different repositories i.e.,  Bookmark Lite repository and Kodi repository  to run successfully run Mobdro on Kodi.

Check out the steps in detail in the page below –

Mobdro for ROKU


Roku  is a set of devices which enables you to stream TV shows, movies, channels, sports, music, etc. The setup is straightforward to stream contents on Roku with the internet.

Well, the developers of Roku have set various integrations where one can enjoy multiple contents like movies, tv shows, and a lot more.

You get an option to stream movies and tv shows in HD quality. It can be streamed from various locations without any restriction. 

Also, there are several languages available through which users can enjoy a lot. There are thousands of apps available in Roku, where you can directly stream and have lots of fun there.

There are more options available on Roku like uploading videos, podcasts, and other entertainment kinds of stuff. After you finish uploading things you can directly stream it on Roku TV without any interruptions.

To install Mobdro on Roku, there is a particular procedure which is known as “Screen Mirror.”

Check out the details guide in the page below-

Streaming with VPN

Many video streams are strict in their countries where you can’t do anything. To enjoy the streaming, you need to match your IP address with the streaming requirement to proceed further. If your IP doesn’t match, then you cannot stream anything.

So, to enjoy other country’s videos and shows, you need to have a good VPN software that will hide your current IP and change according to streaming requirements.

But before proceeding, you should know how to install and use VPN.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

It’s an app for watching your favourite channels for FREE. It allows you to stream live Channels from anywhere to your device within seconds.

You can use it on different platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Firestick & Fire TV, Smart TVs, Kodi, Roku and more devices.

This app is completely free of cost. You don’t have to pay for it.

  1. Scroll above to the download section.
  2. Select the device you want to install Mobdro for.
  3. Follow installation instructions.

There are 1000+ channels available in Mobdro at the moment.

Mobdro channels list cover almost every genre, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Gaming, Animals, Tech, Podcasts, Live and a lot more. The channels are available in various languages and more than from 30 countries as well.

Mobdro doesn’t steal any sensitive information from your device. Mobdro respects privacy. All we want is you to enjoy and have fun.

You can download a stream, great user-interface, and frequent app updates to make app stable for everyone.

With this Feature, if you don’t want to see ads then you may share your idle device resource files with mobdro so that the servers keep running. The device will not be used in any type of storage or mining purpose. Also, your personal information will be not accessed. For more, you may go through remove ads .

The parse error is nothing but when your android device is not able to meet the minimum system requirement of your Android device i.e 4.4 or later. Get the latest Android device to use this app.